keeping visions big


Each image below has two versions: the raw format (straight from my camera) and the final image after undergoing editing.

This is the part of my work my clients do not see, but it is incredibly important part – as well as most time consuming. Having the ability to work with digital files is both a blessing and at times, a curse. I refuse to let a photograph go if I see potential; what this translates to spending as much time as necessary, manipulating an image to its full potential.

I am overjoyed when I can completely alter an image and make it into something beautiful.

Tap an image to see before/after edits.


I am so happy you are here.

Feels like rebirth.

I must begin to tell you that I have the incredibly good fortune to be able to do the one thing that completely consumes me. For an extensive time, I was caught in a cycle working in an industry that I strongly did not care for; I felt completely disconnected from my work. I slowly grew tired of having to fulfill visions that I did not believe in and after a few drastic life changes, I decided to give into my passion.


My development in photography has formulated over the years with pursuits in capturing architectural design, people, travels, special events and social issues. Portraiture has become an essential in my work. My imagery explores the complexity of each individual that stands before my lens. My images show the exchange of trust and vulnerability between clients and I. Building relationships with my clients create authentic visual stories.


In recent years, I have contributed my talents to international and local community-based organizations: KICS Chicago, HOPES for Kids, Wood Family Foundation. My work has appeared in several publications/media outlets throughout Chicago – Chicago Tribune, Modern Luxury, Chicago Splash, Sheridan Road Magazine, CBS Chicago.


I am inexplicably grateful for being able to turn my life around and follow my truest passion. It was there all along – I only needed to build enough courage, let go of doubts/fears and give myself to it. Aside from amazing ability to create, my greatest joy has been meeting the most extraordinary people along the way. My camera has led me into spaces with the greatest of hearts. I have never felt so much more embraced than the past few months.

Thank you for looking at my work. I would love to meet you in the future!